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In this site you'll find everything you want about your fav-grind-band!: SICK LOSERS FROM HELL!! And since we're grateful to few people that don't hate us ,we'd like to thank the following: -The CHILEAN GRIND CREW for believing in us, Nicolás, Alvaro and RUIDO GENITAL, Leo al Cubo for his unconditional support, Jorge and ANTITRUST, CHICKEN EYE, Juan Arriagada for the compilation, and Julio Perez(Asgy)for being the "official" photographer of the band. Feña(Fatass) would like to thank the following asses: Carmen D,for her unconditional support to the band and being my best girl-friend, you rock in hell baby!!, Martín, Guatón Felipe, Yozo, Yerko, Leo, Paty, Estas Chato, and all my drunken friends!!Also a special thanks to GG ALLIN and EL DUCE. ...We'd like to thank also to all our fans and friends all over the world ,cops and neighbors for the"support" They forced us to play even louder and harder. A big thank you to all the bassist guys who played with us :) and of course to lazy bastard ,for taking the time in our website ;) enjoy it and don't forget to post some shit in the forum and Guestbook lol.
...And a very very special greetings to our dear friend and fan Luis Ríos (R.I.P)...This site is dedicated to you with love for you...