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The story begins when a group of friends decide to do something more than get bored at home and listening to grindcore bands they like. One day Ale(Mr. Happy) decides to play the drums,having a lot of experience about it with former projects, he could make some heavy noise annoying, neighboors, grannys and everybody else!. Seba (Chivo, Ale's brother, known for his sonic-guitar tastes, was the ideal character to add the noisy touch to the band, but something was missing... Feņa(Fatass)takes care of the voice and the band's bizarre performance(which included insulting the audience, beating, spitting, smashing beer cans, putting down cigarretes on himself, etc). Then Nata(Natannas)realizes that she can scream in a female-hell-like way giving the final touch to SLFH, she also designs the band's logo and manages the visual aspect. In the beginning she tried to play the bass, but due the intense performances, she needed her hands, so the frantic search for a bassist started... A couple of guys played in rehersals but the final member was Richard(Richie), so that's how this band "hated" by recordind and rehersal studios,suburban neighboorhoods,geezers and cops was misunderstood in their style,something like Grindcore/punk,but anyway they made history in the Chilean grindcore scene, with only 3 live shows, appear in a local compilation and distributed some un-edited material to friends and audience, which was going everywhere, even some parts in the world and they achieved some "Nazi" status LOL given for some narrow-minded persons, who didn't understand their politically incorrect sense of humor :-D. They even send some covers to a GG ALLIN tibute, that isn't ready yet... Well, in this website you'll find all th SLFH shit you need, Mp3's, pics, lyrics so....WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR????!!!!